"My family had me attend three of the Gentle Mother’s services four years ago. Then I threatened to become a prostitute at the temple of the Mother of Delight. After that, I was left to be ungentle."

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Okay guys, but check it out: 

Most of the Tortall books happen when women are breaking back into jobs they’ve been barred from for over a century. Like, lady knights/guardswomen/the equivalent of Riders existed, it just wasn’t a big deal if they were male or female. But then something happened, and 100 years later Alanna of Trebond has to dress like a dude to become a knight. 

Which is what makes the Provost’s Dogs books so fucking great, and such a great place to dive in, because this is where we learn about what the “something” was, which was religious extremism, the concept that the great mother goddess was supposed to be a GENTLE mother. Which is fucked. The Goddess is all women; warriors, mothers, girls, crones, sex workers and people with no interest in having sex, cis women, trans women… it’s canon that she does not exclude, and doesn’t make her followers fit into just one of those boxes. I mean, I know I’d probably be pledged to Kyprioth, not her, but she’s a cool fucking concept for a diety, and the way that Pierce explores her power being reduced and simplified and corrupted for the benefit of a few in the Provost Dog books is super scary, because that’s something that has happened historically, that can happen, that we should all be cautious of.  

And then there’s Lady Knight Sabine of Macayhill, who is so pissed off at the sermonizing about the type of woman she should be that she starts just casually saying that, sure, you’ve sold me on the Goddess, I’ll go celebrate her aspect of being super hella sexy. Not because she thinks there’s anything wrong with sex, just because she knows it’ll shut the preachers up because they have no foot to stand on. 

IDK guys Tamora Pierce is super cool and besides all this, Provost’s Dogs are a series of legit medieval beat cop detective novels feat: a K-9 unit and if that’s not something you’re into I don’t even get you. 

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